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Why pay huge consulting fees at your local CPA at over $500 per hour when you can ask us questions based on the package you purchase. You can save thousands of dollars by not delaying to ask important questions before making a huge mistake that can cost you thousands in taxes or an error that causes a tax audit.


We offer you an opportunity to ask questions of a tax expert for a nominal monthly or annual fee.

If you prepare your own tax returns, members can contact us to answer any questions that may arise.
In addition to tax questions, you may ask questions about accounting, quickbooks or money management.

We offer One-on-One or group instruction/training for beginners using quickbooks at exclusive members rates

Any request for tax projections or work to be performed by me, you will be charged a fee based on my hourly rate of $250 per hour for nonmembers and $200 for members.

Consultation on tracking, accounting and taxation of Cryptocurrency transactions.